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Chic & Simple

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The Chic & Simple is a damask in polycotton fabric: 60% polyester, 40% cotton, easy maintenance. with treatment specific anti-stain Teflon auto beading that prevents the fibers of the tissues to absorb the liquid.

The ironing is very light. The fabric softens as washes.

Ideal for the individual, the catering industry and communities.



57% polyester

43% cotton

Weight: 220 g/m²

Width: 180 cm

Anti-stain Teflon treatment

Dyed woven fabrics

Reasons: Uni damask "little flower"

Additional information


Finish classic quilted hem 1 cm

Finishing edges 10 cm

Finishing edges 5 cm for the paths of tables and napkins

Available to the footage or finished product...

Finishing edges 10 cm is recommended for making tablecloths.

This finish gives more maintenance to the tablecloth and a chic look to the drooping.


Washing machine at 60 °.

Easy ironing temperature average.

Spin on synthetic programme.

No agent whitener.

Council of washing: use powder washing Texam.


Delivery by BPOST.

Possiblity to recover your purchases in a position point.



Most of our products are made in our workshops tailor-made according to your requirements. This is not a working serial but much custom work. The time can vary from 3 to 5 days for the particular and 10 to 20 days for the professional occupation of the workshop. We guarantee you serious and precise work.

For more urgent orders, please feel free to contact us.





Standard dimensions


Tablecloths square

DimensionsConfectionColorPU TTCQty. 
80 cm x 80 cm
87 cm x 87 cm
97 cm x 97 cm
110 cm x 110 cm
130 cm x 130 cm
140 cm x 140 cm
177 cm x 177 cm

Tablecloths oval

DimensionsConfectionColorPU TTCQty. 
220 cm x 140 cm
220 cm x 160 cm
240 cm x 177 cm
300 cm x 177 cm

Tablecloths rectangles

DimensionsConfectionColorPU TTCQty. 
90 cm x 80 cm
120 cm x 110 cm
130 cm x 90 cm
130 cm x 120 cm
130 cm x 80 cm
140 cm x 100 cm
160 cm x 130 cm
160 cm x 120 cm
170 cm x 120 cm
177 cm x 120 cm
180 cm x 140 cm
180 cm x 110 cm
200 cm x 125 cm
200 cm x 140 cm
200 cm x 150 cm
230 cm x 125 cm
250 cm x 150 cm
290 cm x 140 cm
290 cm x 125 cm
300 cm x 150 cm
350 cm x 150 cm
400 cm x 150 cm

Tablecloths round

DimensionsConfectionColorPU TTCQty. 
140 cm Ø
150 cm Ø
160 cm Ø
177 cm Ø


DimensionsConfectionColorPU TTCQty. 
47 cm x 47 cm

Table runners

DimensionsConfectionColorPU TTCQty. 
110 cm x 43 cm
120 cm x 44 cm
140 cm x 43 cm

Fabric by meter

Width of the fabricColorPU/mLong/m

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> Your tablecloth

Unit price :

Size of the water : 185 cm x 80 cm

Confectionourlet de 5 cm

Color : Vert

Quantity :  Room (s)


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