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Microfiber TRICOMPOSITION velcro

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Microfiber velcro of washing, scrubbing and disinfection of floors, walls and ceilings.

Triple composition allows a scraping of the macro-salissures (action of polypropylene), a dropout of the micro-salissures (polyester) and the absorption of liquids and dirt (Microfiber).

Avoid the formation of chemical film.

Use wet or dry for an effective dedusting or pre-prepared for a wash of efficient land and without effort.
Adapts to support 40 cm.



- Composition:

20% polypropylene.
40% polyester.
40% Microfiber (80% polyester - 20% polyamide)

Weight: 740 g/m².
Thickness: 10mm.
Absorption rate 220%.

Dimensions: 15 x 45 cm.

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19,09€    13,37€

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